Rainey Institute is where the arts change lives.

Discover how you or your company can change lives with us!

When you support Rainey Institute, you are making a difference for Cleveland’s kids now and in the future! There’s nothing like seeing the joy a child gets from learning a new instrument, dance routine, or acting in front of an audience in a theater production. But the difference your support makes doesn’t stop there!

From research, we know participation in the arts helps “level the playing field” for urban youth and sets young people up to succeed in school and in life. As more schools struggle with cutbacks to arts education, Rainey continues to provide high-quality arts education programs because low-income students involved in the arts are:

  • 4x more likely to be recognized for academic achievement
  • Much more likely to graduate from high school (dropout rates are 5x lower than their peers)
  • 2x more likely to earn associate degrees and 3x more likely to earn bachelor and advanced degrees
  • More likely to volunteer in their communities (37% vs. 20% volunteerism rate when compared to their peers)

Students involved in the arts are viewed as more well-rounded and creative by potential employers and

72% of business leaders say creativity is the #1 skill they seek when hiring.

We invite you to get involved today to help put Rainey students on the path to success!

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Source: Americans for the Arts Facts and Figures