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Advance your dance skills to the next level!

Rainey Institute now offers a Dance Mastery Program for students in grades 3-8, who want to advance their dance skills and creative expression.

Students rotate through 3 dance styles each week and work with professional dance teaching artists from Rainey Institute and GroundWorks Dance Theater.

Scholarship auditions for IABD and Dance Mastery are during the second week of classes. Students must be willing to attend one to one and a half hour classes, 5 days/week, Monday through Friday, 6:00-7:30 pm. This is a semester-long commitment.

BALLET: Learn classical Ballet movements through traditional training techniques.

MODERN: Express yourself through modern and contemporary dance forms. Create and perform movement phrases.

HIP HOP: Develop your own personal style, using hip-hop dance techniques in this exciting and ever-evolving genre, full of energy and freedom.

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