Rainey-why-the-arts-matterAs a community of artists and teachers, we believe wholeheartedly in the positive influence that the arts can have on the lives of children.  With a 100 year history, we have seen countless examples of young students who came to Rainey unsure of where their interests and talents lie.  In a matter of months, these same youngsters began to blossom into beautiful singers, limber dancers and lively actors.  They found their creative niche, developed confidence and used the arts to grow as individuals as well as artists. 
Rainey is an extended family that helps to cultivate children as individuals.  The self-discipline our ballet students learn practicing at the barre carries over into the school classroom and at home.  Parents frequently report that their children have fewer behavioral issues and often times our students’ grades improve following enrollment in our arts programs.   Overwhelming evidence indicates that children who engage in the arts are positively impacted.  We have seen these transformational effects on young students  and are proud of our many success stories.