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Before our regularly scheduled after-school art classes, we serve food and give the students time to complete their homework. During that time, our teaching artists may also need assistance with miscellaneous tasks. Volunteers are needed to set up and clean the mealtime area, to support the kids doing their homework, and to help the teaching artists where they may need it.


This volunteer role is available everyday from 2:45-4:15. Volunteers must arrive at the same time each week or multiple times per week, and they are expected to have a genuine interest in the lives and creative paths of the kids.


Alexander McAffee Arts Center, 1705 E 55th St Cleveland, OH 44103


After up to 3 observation sessions, volunteers filling this role will be required to take a fingerprint test, complete an online Child Abuse Prevention training, and attend an orientation session.

volunteer program at rainey institute

Who can be a Rainey Volunteer?

Everyone who cares about children, education, and community art is a potential volunteer. Prior teaching experience is not necessary. Volunteers may be:

  • Parents
  • Family members (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.)
  • College students
  • Senior citizens
  • Community members
I’ve submitted my volunteer request! What’s next?

Within 1-2 business days, our volunteer coordinator will email and text you the role(s) that
work best for your interests and availability. From there, you will decide whether to confirm
your role. After confirming, we’ll help you schedule a background test and you can choose an
orientation/training session to attend.

I want to register a group of volunteers. How do I do that?

The best way to start a group volunteering arrangement is to Email [email protected] Introduce yourself, and our volunteer coordinator will send a group registration form.

Also, if you participated in a group volunteer role prior to the COVID 19 outbreak (for example, our good friends at American Greetings), please reach out! We are looking to reopen past volunteer roles that worked for community and corporate partners.

Can I prepare for my volunteer role beforehand?

Absolutely! Please refer to the Volunteer downloads area of this page.

What makes a great Rainey Volunteer?

A great Rainey volunteer is someone who affirms the dignity of ALL our students. That means they call them by their name, ask them about their artistic practice, and listen to their thoughts. A great volunteer knows that even routine tasks are the vehicle for providing good interpersonal care.

A great Rainey volunteer is someone who the staff can depend on. That means they complete what their supervising staff assigns and aren’t afraid to ask for clarifying directions.

A great volunteer acts as an essential player in Rainey’s staff, both by working as equals and learning from our experienced childcare and art instructors. A great Rainey volunteer does this for the Cleveland community. A great volunteer  recognizes that their service to the children is a service to the next generation of Cleveland artists and citizens.

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