Cavs dancers share moves and dreams with rainey kids

CLEVELAND, OH – Rainey Institute

The Cleveland CavaliersPowerHouse Dance Team and Scream Team paid the Rainey After School participants a surprise visit. The Cavs Entertainment Team dancers pumped up the Rainey kids with an exciting ball and t-shirt toss, private dance performance, and even invited students on stage to show off their amazing dance moves.

Rainey kids also participated in an exclusive Q & A, which led to the performers sharing that “dreams do come true,” and that studying the arts now at their young age can lead them into professional experiences as an adult.


Rainey Institute is where the arts change lives by enriching and inspiring a broad community of learners through excellent, accessible arts programming. With a commitment to holistic youth development, Rainey’s programs utilize the arts as a platform to empower youth to become confident individuals who value creativity, learning, diversity, and self-expression. Rainey offers year-round music, drama, dance, and visual arts programs after school, during the summer, and on weekends. Each year, 2,500 youth from the Hough and St.Clair/Superior neighborhoods, East Cleveland, and on the west side engage in Rainey’s programs. Whether a child is interested in the intensive study of one art form, or simply seeking an arts-enriched experience, Rainey is here to provide possibilities to Cleveland’s deserving kids.

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