Who We Are

Since 1904, Rainey Institute has changed countless lives through education and engagement in performing and visual arts. We recognize potential in all its forms and embrace children with no arts background just as readily as those with perfect pitch. Whether it is after school, on weekends, or over the summer, Rainey Institute is a creative oasis for those who need us most.

Rainey Institute has served as a community anchor in Cleveland’s historic Hough neighborhood for more than a century. Today, Rainey Institute’s on-campus and off-site programming change the lives of over 2,500 children each year! 

Rainey Institute’s wonderful, award-winning facility sparks the imagination and cultivates creativity. Built in 2011, the Alexander McAfee Community Arts Center provides students with a safe, enriching space to learn and grow through visual and performing arts. Artwork on its walls and music heard throughout its halls reveal Rainey Institute as a place where the arts change lives.

Our Vision

Rainey Institute is where the arts changes lives by enabling youth to imagine and create a future in which they are positive contributing citizens.

Our Mission

Rainey Institute develops positive growth for Greater Cleveland’s youth through education and engagement in visual and performing arts.

“Rainey makes children shine and brings out their creative greatness!”

~ Rainey Parent

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