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summer ARTS camp @ hough

“Light the Way!”

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Summer Camp 2024

July 8 – August 2, 2024, Rainey Institute’s Summer Arts Camp returns for another exciting and creative camp experience for 3rd-8th grade youth!

This year’s Camp will feature a variety of engaging classes in Dance, Drama, Music, Visual Arts, and STEAM, along with exciting field trips, impactful community projects, interactive arts electives, and lots of fun!

Each day, campers will have new opportunities to explore and express their creativity, learn and work with professional artists, build friendships, and discover the amazing possibilities and power of the arts! Parents and family members will also be welcomed to engage in the excitement at the Annual Camper Talent Show and culminating Festival of Celebration!In addition, breakfast, lunch, and a daily snack will be provided for campers, along with a Camper T-shirt!

Summer Camp @ Hough


Campers entering Grades 3rd – 8th

July 8 – August 2, 2024
Registration Open March 18th
Slots Are First Come First Served

Enrollment Fee: $300 ($15/day)
Tuition Deposit: $25

Pay in 3 or 5 Installments

camp dates

Monday – Friday
July 8 – August 2, 2024
8:00 am – 5:00 pm

camp location

Rainey Institute
1705 East 55th
Cleveland, Ohio 44103

daily schedule

Monday – Thursday

8:00 – 9:00 am Drop-Off/Outdoor Recreation/Breakfast
9:00 – 9:40 am Tea Time
9:45 – 10:50 am Exploratory Arts #1
10:50 – 11:00 am Reset|Refresh
11:00- 12:05 pm Exploratory Arts 2
12:10- 1:05 pm Lunch & Outdoor Recreation
1:05- 1:20pm Recess|Refresh
1:25- 2:25pm Creative Arts Electives
2:30- 4:10 pm Art Mastery Intensives
4:10- 5:00 pm Pick-Up / Outdoor Recreation / After Care (4:15 – 5:00)


You can also download the 2024 Summer Camp Calendar in the Parent Portal

friday fun days

Friday’s are the BEST! Each Friday, campers will enjoy awesome field trips or special activities.  We’re still making arrangements for some amazing Friday experiences! Once plans are final, we’ll post the details here.

field trips and fun

Make Believe Family Fun Center

July 12, 2024

Make Believe Family Fun Center has fun for everyone! Whether it’s scaling the ninja wall, spinning in thrilling bumper cars, or embarking on a group scavenger hunt, campers will discover and enjoy a world of adventure where every activity is exciting and new!

Michael Mage Magic Show

July 26, 2024

Michael Mage is a wildly entertaining comedic magician, whose mind-blowing show is guaranteed fun, joy, and excitement! Campers will enjoy Michael’s unique quirky personality, combined with his audience management skills, for an unforgettable show experience!


August 2, 2024

Campers and staff enjoy the day at this family-friendly indoor/outdoor entertainment center with go-karts, rides, mini-golf & laser tag. Experience includes access to all attractions, pizza lunch, and gaming tokens.

additional info

Class Size & Grouping

Campers will be grouped according to their grade with 3rd-5th and 6th – 8th graders grouped together. 


There is a mandatory orientation for Summer camp all parents must attend on Tuesday, June 27 @ 12:00-1:00 (Virtual) or 5:30-6:30 (In-Person).  Parents will select the time that works best for them during the registration process. 


Rainey Institute does not provide for transportation to / from camp.

Exploratory Arts Classes

Campers will rotate through exploratory arts classes every morning.  Here is a sampling of the fun they will have.



In The Explorer’s Studio students will engage in activities that utilize, react to and play with light through exploration, guidance and encouragement. Our goal is to nurture their inward light through the visual arts.

We will find inspiration by experimenting with the interaction of light and art. Students will create vibrant stained-glass Mosaic patterns, prints created by sunshine and their very own kaleidoscopes. Together, we will capture summer’s exuberant essence and let it shine through our creative visions as we learn new skills along the way.


This Summer’s Light It Up! STEAM Creations classes will offer exciting and educational opportunities for campers to engage the power of STEM in creating artistic works.  3rd and 4th grade campers will design pieces to build a toy car, bike, or creative sculpture. Then they will laser-cut designed pieces, assemble their 3D design, and build a working motor to propel their masterpiece.

5th and 6th grade campers will use copper tape, LEDs, and batteries to create a light-up shadow puppet theater.

And 7th and 8th grade campers will work with LED light strips and circuitry to design and create a faux neon sign.

Centered around this year’s “Light The Way” camp theme, these projects will provide an illuminating, challenging, and fun STEAM-powered experience for all campers to enjoy!


A WHOLE NEW WORLD: World-Makers Workshop

A Whole New World: World-Maker’s Workshop is designed for campers to unleash their creativity as the class embarks on an extraordinary journey of societal creation! Together, they will dive deep into the art of building their very own societies from scratch.

Each week, campers will dive into a different facet of society building, including governance, culture, and community building. Through interactive activities and group discussions, they will design flags, draft laws, choose their national dish, craft their national anthem, and select an animal that symbolizes their society’s spirit. By the end of the class, campers will have explored the intricate tapestry of human civilization and emerge as proud architects of their unique world, all while honing their creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills.


Take the Spotlight is designed for creative, dramatic, and energetic students interested in learning the basic tools of acting and using their imaginations. Students can expect to learn and demonstrate the 5 tools of the actor – concentration, cooperation, imagination, body, and voice – through various games and activities. Students will take turns sharing the spotlight and brighten each other’s lights. Working together as a group we’ll strive to create the perfect environment for students who are looking to make new friends, move their bodies, and make some noise!


CHOREOMANIA is an innovative exploratory movement class designed to redefine campers’ perception of dance and movement. This dynamic course goes beyond traditional dance settings, guiding participants to discover choreography in unexpected areas. Focused on the fundamental elements of dance, students will delve into cinematic movements, stage combat, stunts, and blocking tailored for the cinema. The curriculum also explores the dynamic teamwork aspect of sports, engaging students in wrestling intros and creating sports plays to achieve goals through strategic movement. Participants will learn how to captivate audiences both in person and on camera. Additionally, the class delves into the world of using dance for marketing, exploring Fashion Shows and commercials as platforms for showcasing products through dynamic movement. This transformative exploration of movement is not merely a dance class; it encourages campers to find choreography in the unexpected and embrace the art of creative expression.


Beats, Rap, & Life, presented through partnership with CollectivExpress, offers a new and enriching experience for campers. Participants will receive hands-on exposure and instruction in computer-based music production equipment and software, guidance through the process of personalized songwriting, and exposure to performance and recording techniques.

Creative Arts Electives

Creative Arts Electives Afternoon Sessions


Craftworks Studio is a “work with your hands” artist’s wonderland! From jewelry-making, to bead work, paracording, button and bottle cap design, fluid art, and more, this class will teach campers the skills involved in making intricately handmade artwork, and provide access to all of the tools, trinkets, and tactile engagement their artistic imaginations desire!


Welcome to the Creative HeART Design Lab! Get ready to unleash your imagination and artistic flair in this exciting summer program. Students will embark on a four-week journey of creativity and innovation. From brainstorming unique logos to bringing them to life on a variety of products, including tote bags, keychains, earrings, bracelet/necklace charms, and buttons. Student Artists will learn the ins and outs of design using Canva and mixing it with sublimation and laser cutting technologies. Join us for a summer of crafting, designing, and expressing your love (HeART) through art!


Dance Battles are small-scale dance competitions, in which dancers face-off and showcase dance choreography or freestyle performance. They are exciting and fun for audiences and a true test for performers!

In Rainey’s Best Dance Crew, campers will learn elements of showmanship (facial expressions, dynamics, and execution), develop their performance skills, and engage in team-building activities. Camper crews will explore various dance styles, including Hip Hop, Jazz, Krump, Wacking, Majorette, and others of their own personal interest!

After creating show-stopping routines, crews will compete through multiple rounds and categories of dancing. Judges will score the routines and winners will be selected with audience participation! Battle rounds will also feature a “Battle Challenge” given by the judges, that must be incorporated into the dance.

Get ready to bring it!


This course is your invitation to explore and ignite your creative fire! Designed for aspiring writers of all levels, this class will guide you on a journey of self-discovery through the power of words.

Learn fundamental writing techniques to strengthen your storytelling and enhance your voice across different genres (fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, etc.). Explore published works and delve into creative exercises to spark your imagination and unlock unique ideas. Through in-class workshops and supportive feedback, gain the confidence to share your work and refine your writing style. Discover the joy and challenges of writing in a collaborative and encouraging environment.

Ready to unlock your inner writer?




GlowChoir offers young music enthusiasts a vibrant platform to explore their vocal talents, understand the basics of choir singing, and perform in harmony. Under the guidance of expert instructors, students will learn a variety of musical styles, engage in fun vocal exercises, and collaborate to create a captivating performance

Arts mastery intesives

Visual – Performing – Culinary Arts


Experience the exhilarating world of Musical Theater Dance in our innovative class that goes beyond the traditional stage! Rooted in the rich history of Broadway musicals and theatrical performance, this mastery class invites campers to remix Broadway dance numbers, putting a contemporary spin on iconic routines!

Throughout the class, campers will not only refine their dance technique but also delve into the art of performing with emotion and cultivating a commanding stage presence.

This class offers training in multiple genres, including Ballet and Jazz fundamentals with introductions to Hip Hop, Afro Beat, and Modern. Campers will have the opportunity to explore their creativity, breathing new life into these Broadway numbers and crafting their own unique versions.


Summer STAGES is a fun and exciting drama-based experience, exploring the many platforms and disciplines of performing arts. The class offers passionate young performers a unique opportunity to explore, train, and engage in various dimensions of stage performance, including drama, dance, vocal performance, and public speaking, as well as studio recording and the behind-the-scenes work of stage production, writing, and directing. This immersive learning experience is wide-ranging, educational, and fun, and helps campers cultivate their creativity and individual artistic voices, while building the confidence and skills to excel on any stage!


Rainey’s Summer RYSE Ensemble (Rainey Youth for Symphonic-Social Elevation) will engage and unite campers in a dynamic, popular music ensemble and immersive civic engagement experience!

RYSE will focus on the musical roots and modern expressions of Jazz, Blues, Funk, Hip Hop, R&B, and other popular music styles, encouraging young musicians to engage the creativity of improvisation and playing by ear, while also growing through formal training and professionally coached rehearsals.

In addition to the music, campers will engage in a youth-centered community service initiative, utilizing music as a platform to elevate awareness about important social issues facing their generation, and inspire their peers to contribute to the well-being of our community!


This Summer, we get back into the kitchen to once again feed the cooking passion of our campers, and dazzle the taste buds of our community! Campers will learn from and cook alongside Cleveland-area chefs and bakers, as they are introduced to an array of interesting and delicious cuisine, ingredients, and recipes. They will develop fundamental cooking techniques and food preparation methods, and food photography. Let’s get cookin’!


In K-Culture Stop-Motion Animation students get to explore Korean culture through Stop-Motion Animation creation. Through engaging activities, they will learn the fundamentals of stop-motion animation techniques and 12 principles of animation while also learning into various aspects of Korean culture, including traditional clothes, festivals, folklore, and cuisines. Throughout the course, students will apply their newfound skills and cultural studies to their animation art with creativity and imagination.


Students will learn the diverse architecture styles and the cultures of human habitation world-widely through a collaborative paper sculpture project.
Structuring out of cardboard, paper pulp, and natural materials, campers will incorporate indigenous designs that they got inspiration from the US and other countries into their own sculptural home architecture creation. At the end of the class, we will gather each student’s house sculpture together and showcase all creation as a whole.

“I have so much fun at Rainey Summer Camp! We get to do creative projects and go on the coolest field trips!”

— 2023 Rainey Camper