We’re super proud of our Rainey Kids as they graduate from their 2022 Afterschool programs!  In this article, we highlight four kids who have thrived here at Rainey – Alanna Taylor, Eric Smedley, Jr., Zoriana Carpenter, and Lauren Dorsey.

Rainey’s afterschoo programs include art forms such as El Sistema and intergalatic art. “What I like most about the El Sistema program at Rainey is being able to play music and connect with others who find similar interests”, says Alanna Taylor.  Throughout their tenure at Rainey, the kids all agree that the experience has allowed them the ability to express themselves through art in a healthy way. “I have a very creative mind and I decided to put that into the arts.”, states Lauren Dorsey very matter-of-factly.

As these students graduate, you can see the gratitude they have for what they have learned and how they’ve grown during their time at Rainey.  “I wish people knew about the opportunities that you could get from coming here.”, says Eric Smedley, Jr. speaking of the many different programs offered by Rainey.  “Performing and creating art is important to me because it’s a way for me to express myself.”, says Alanna Taylor.