internal social media & website Status Form

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Date of Request Origination Contact Request Summary Requested Due Date Current Status Notes
11/22/2022 Internal Form Devan Hayes Social Media Posts for RDA Winter Presentation on 12/8 29-Nov In progress Starting this 11/29 – should be completed by end of the day
11/22/2022 Internal Form McKenna Glorioso Annual Appeal Website Banner and Linked Page 11/29/2022 Completed
11/22/2022 Internal Form LaChanee Davis STAGES Concert Recap – create a post for social media sharing a recap from the STAGES concert. 11/28/2022 Not Started yet
11/3/2022 Internal Form McKenna Glorioso change the embedded form on the Donate Now page to new link 11/12/2022 Completed

“Whenever you give a young person, a child the opportunity to be free in a way that they can express themselves, they always do better in other parts of their lives.”

— Mayor Frank Jackson