Our Offsite Programs

We partner with local schools, libraries, and recreation centers and develop offsite programs to provide Cleveland youth and adults access to the arts.

El Sistema

Rainey Institute’s two separate off-site ensemble based El Sistema programs, East Cleveland’s Elementary and Breakthrough’s E Prep & Village Prep Willard, provide children with music education during the school day and after school.

Community Programming

Rainey Institute strives to reach children beyond our center’s walls. Our organization works with several different community stakeholders to provide arts and music education classes to children and adolescents throughout the community. Our partnerships include:

  • Family Promise of Greater Cleveland – Visual Arts Classes
  • The City Mission – Dance
  • City of Cleveland Libraries – African Dance Classes
  • City of Cleveland Rec Centers – Dance and Bucket Drumming Classes
  • East Cleveland Heritage Middle School – Dance and Bucket Drumming Classes

If your organization is interested in partnering with Rainey Institute to provide arts and music education opportunities to youth, please reach out to [email protected] or
call us at (216) 881-1766.

“Whenever you give a young person, a child the opportunity to be free in a way that they can express themselves, they always do better in other parts of their lives.”

Mayor Frank Jackson

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