Planned Giving Society

Grace Rainey Rodgers Planned Giving Society

Ensure your legacy and make a lasting impact on Rainey kids. Members of the Grace Rainey Rogers Planned Giving Society live on in perpetuity through their gifts that provide Rainey Institute the ability to sustain and grow enriching programs.

Who Is Grace Rainey Rodgers?

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, during 1867, Grace Rainey Rogers was an avid contributor to the arts and was the daughter of William J. and Eleanor B. Mitchell Rainey, from whom the Rainey Institute was founded in 1904.

Why Join?

All charitable gifts are 100 percent deductible from your taxable estate and you will receive recognition as a patron to the Grade Rainey Rogers Planning Giving Society through member publications.

The Impact!

Your philanthropic investment in Rainey Institute make an impact by allowing us to serve more kids; provide Rainey Kids with high-quality arts, music, dance, and theater instruction and safe, affordable, and enriching programming to grow, to create, to learn, and to love.

How to Make a Request?

Whether given during your lifetime or after, the Grace Rainey Rogers Planned Giving Society can provide a platform for you to present a legacy gift to the Rainey Institute, making this an ideal way to demonstrate your commitment to Greater Cleveland’s youth.

For more information, please contact Jennifer Harris at 216-881-1766 or by email at [email protected].

Rainey is my foundation, the place that helped me start my musical life

— Jamiyah Dotson