summer camp was amazing!

This Summer’s theme was “Leaving My Mark”… and our campers certainly did that!

summer camp 2022 wrap up


The 2022 Rainey Institute Summer Camp theme was “Leaving My Mark”.  The campers this year took that theme and ran with it!  For 5 weeks, we had over 100 campers participate in science and technology, creative writing, jewelry making, entrepreneurship, custom t-shirt and fashion design, drumline, and Capoeira Brasil – a competition “battle” dance combining martial arts with dance!   Campers also participated in.  Mix in some awesome field trips, visits from “Ketchup”, “Mustard”, and “Onion” – Cleveland Guardians mascots, and even a visit from City of Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb, and you can probably imagine how cool this year’s camp was.

New for 2022 was an awesome program called “Civic Circles” which focused on how to be a positive influence and make a difference in our communities. We were fortunate to have some fantastic Community Partners who helped facilitate student-led problem-solving in areas of destigmatizing mental health, reducing plastic waste, anti-littering, and more! Check out our Civic Circles recap here!

As is tradition, we hosted our Summer Festival for family and friends to see all the cool projects and art the campers worked on throughout the camp. Ted’s Place was filled with incredible exhibits that included handmade paper, prints, art, cool custom imprinted t-shirts, and 3-D constructed buildings that light up.  All of our Electives, Exploratory Class, and Mastery Class participants presented in our  Festival Performance concert with music supported by our always amazing Rainey Band! 🙂

It’s hard to believe Summer is over and we’re back to school.  We hope all of our campers have a great school year! Before we know it, the snow will be gone, the school year will be a memory and we’ll be getting ready for the 2023 Summer Camp at Rainey.  See you next Summer!

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2022 Rainey summer camp photos

Thank you 2022 Rainey summer camp Sponsors

Exploratory Arts Classes

Campers will rotate through exploratory arts classes every morning.  Here is a sampling of the fun they will have.


Creating art can be more than just making something beautiful, it can be a way to express and explore our most inner selves. The goal of this class is to foster opportunities for free creative expression through a combination of art-making, self exploration, and reflection. Students will be guided through self-reflection exercises, such as art journaling, and mixed media art like self-portrait collage art and pour painting. In addition to individual projects, the class will include collaborative art-making to build a deeper connection to ourselves and each other.


In the LED Circuit City workshop, art is integrated with science and technology as students design 3-D buildings to create an illuminated city. Students first learn about design and symmetry to create an original building drawing on paper. Their design will then be laser cut to their exact dimensions. Using this original laser cut print, they will construct a 3-dimensional city building while learning about parallel circuits, conductors, and insulators. They will complete a field guide, taking notes while experimenting with different objects using battery packs and LEDs. Using their knowledge about parallel circuits, students will then create a circuit board and place it inside their buildings which will illuminate the windows. Students will also learn about simple machines, including cranks and crankshafts to create moving silhouettes inside their buildings. Artist-Educator will tie the program into the theme of “Leaving My Mark” by challenging participants to think about how they can improve their city, and how physical buildings and spaces can positively impact their community.


Creative Writing Catalog will teach and engage campers in various styles and forms of creative writing, including poetry + performance, comedic writing, comics, playwriting, theater/improv and storytelling. Over the course of 5 weeks, students will learn and improve their fundamental writing skills, develop confidence to present their writing to audiences, gain exposure to a variety of writing styles, and produce original written work to be shared and exhibited at the Finale Festival.


Capoeira teaches self-discipline, control, confidence, character building, and respect, much like other martial arts. Unlike other martial arts, Capoeira reinforces the need for building community, understanding multiculturalism, resolving conflicts without violence, learning a new language, and developing musical abilities.

Creative Arts Electives

“Mark Makers” Creative Arts Electives Afternoon Sessions


In the Jewelry Makers Workshop, students will learn to use acrylic to create pendants with pour-paint skills and Sculpey clay to explore a variety of techniques to create whimsical and colorful beads for jewelry making. Most importantly, they will utilize the principles of design to make one of a kind pieces for themselves and others to wear.


The Creative Entrepreneurs Club (CEC) will introduce and engage students in the creative adventures of entrepreneurship, developing new products and ideas, problem-solving through creative thinking, learning to communicate their creations through pitching, and engaging with their peers through market activities all summer long!


In this introductory level class, students will explore different methods to simple t-shirt design : vinyl and heat press, image transfer using heat transfer paper, and screen printing. Students will gain firsthand experience with the
entire design process including creating images and choosing font styles, size, and colors and then have the opportunity to put their own unique designs on fabric.


DRUMLINE! is designed for students of all ability levels, and on every drumline instrument.Throughout the course, students develop their musicianship and leadership skills. They are exposed to both the musical and visual elements of a high performing drumline, and spend time refining those aspects.


Stepping is a form of percussive dance in which the participant’s entire body is used as an instrument to produce complex rhythms and sounds through a mixture of footsteps, spoken word, and hand claps. While stepping can be performed individually, when performed together stepping can be loud and electrifying and entertaining. As a team, campers will create and perform as a unit, working  collaboratively and leaving their mark with every step.

mastery intensives

Afternoon sessions for Mastery Intensives

Musical Theater Dance

Dance the summer away in this Musical Theatre Dance class. Learn dance technique while working on performing with emotion and developing stage presence. Dancers with little to no dance experience will be exposed to multiple dance styles, including Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hip-Hop, and other styles performed on Broadway and other theatrical venues. Dancers will perform their skills in a final performance in our Debra Ann November Theater. Comfortable clothing is all that’s needed. 


Summer fun happens on stage. Campers will use their imagination, favorite stories and characters to create drama. The class will provide knowledge of acting techniques and stage movement to develop your child’s imagination, creativity and confidence. A final performance will take place on stage in the Debra Ann November Theater at Rainey Institute.

MUSIC: AniMusic Workshop

AniMusic Workshop will engage students in an exciting and exploratory study of the music composed and featured in animated films, cartoons, and games. Students will be introduced to general music concepts and principles, key roles and artists involved in animation scoring, the skills and processes used in creating music for animated works, and a variety of instruments, sounds, and musical compositions from some of the most successful animated scores. In addition, students will develop fundamental music and audio production skills, while collaborating with classmates and teachers to compose, perform, and record original score elements of their own!

AniMusic Workshop is designed for 3rd-8th grade students with an interest in learning and creating music, working together with a team, and engaging their musical and visual imagination! Prior musical training (i.e. playing an instrument, singing, etc.) is a plus, but is not required.


Embrace art media in our Global Art session this summer. Campers will engage in various art experiences through Multidisciplinary art media. Through Ceramic Studio and Simple Machine Sculpture classes, campers will explore a wide range of artmaking with projects that start at each one’s skill level and utilize many tools.

Via art creation and collaboration, campers will develop abilities in hand-on art skills in sculpting with clay and designing kinetic sculpture with the usage of the pulley system, ramps, gears, lever, screws etc.
Throughout the classes, campers will also learn about the similarities and differences in people, cultures, arts, and regions around the globe. All participants will display their masterpieces in an exhibit at the end of the summer camp.

“If you love the arts, go all in and use your passion to make a difference.”

— Mayor Justin Bibb