Summer’s almost over.  Expand your child’s creativity and performing ability…register them NOW in one of our after school arts program.  

We have something for everyone whether it’s dance, music, arts, or theater.  Let your child choose a program that excites them.  

In Arts Enrichment students in grades 2 – 8 will participate in 90 minutes of visual arts or musical theater the first semester then switch for the second semester. Every child will get the chance to dazzle their family and friends in a finale performance or showcase their art at Rainey’s Art Exhibition.

Or perhaps they love to dance!  Students can advance their dance skills to the next level through Rainey Institute’s Dance Mastery program! 90 minutes of mastery-based dance instruction is provided to children in grades 3-8. Students rotate through Ballet, Modern, and Hip-Hop dance forms throughout the week and receive individualized instruction from Rainey Institute Teaching Artists and GroundWorks Dance Theater professionals. You’ll be impressed at the moves they learn while you cheer them on during performances.

If not art or dance, perhaps they dream of playing an the violin?  El Sistema@Rainey provides mastery-based orchestral instruction to students in grades 2-8, making music fun while inspiring focus and teamwork. Children study violin, viola, cello or double bass through 90 minutes of daily orchestra classes. Professional musicians and classically-trained teaching artists provide instruction and students perform monthly concerts for friends, family and the community.

Have a child in kindergarten or 1st grade, let explore a variety of visual and performing arts in our Young Explorers program.  Our Young Explorers teacher will work with teaching artists to incorporate experiences into the day to day routine of the classroom.