This past weekend, Jennifer Harris and Kirby Suntala joined Cleveland GiveCamp at the LeanDog Boat and Burke Lakefront Airport on the shores of Lake Erie to create a new website for Rainey Institute. Together with the rest of the members of Team M: Mike Bradbury, Mike Garuccio, Tim O’Haver, Hui Sian Richardson, and Pamela Sanchez Hernandez, Jennifer and Kirby provided guidance and direction the team needed to ensure that all the features Rainey Institute wanted were incorporated.

Offering a sleek, new design, the new website is built on WordPress and lets Rainey Institute easily maintain the various informational pages so that the Greater Cleveland community has the most recent updates on programs and fundraising opportunities. While there is still more that Rainey Institute would like to have available, GiveCamp has established a solid framework that anyone at Rainey Institute can build on and modify. Rainey Institute has plans to add pages for parent information and volunteer opportunities.

To participate in GiveCamp, Rainey Institute submitted an application for selection. Out of about 70 applications, only 19 non-profits were selected to be worked on this year. Close to 200 technology professionals, developers, designers, database administrators, marketing professionals, and others showed up to help area non-profits with their projects. If you are a non-profit that could benefit from GiveCamp, check out their website here.

Keep an eye out for more posts from Rainey Institute explaining the new features the website has to offer!